Curriculum Vitae

Gail Mitchell

Recipient of National Excellence in Teaching Award
New Zealand, 2002
Nomination – National Excellence in Teaching Award
New Zealand 2007
Nomination - Excellence in Teaching Award
Queensland 2009

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Personal Teaching Philosophy
My philosophy of teaching and learning is best summed up briefly by the following:

Education encompasses values, ethics and moral judgements, establishing meaningful relationships, developing knowledge and skills, learning through different learning styles, solving problems and developing creativity and thinking, reflecting on ones own learning, developing resilience, learning how to make good choices, having the opportunity to lead and develop responsibility and learning to know what to do when you don¹t know all the answers.

I believe that all students, irrespective of race, colour, social status or home circumstances have the right to learn in an enriching, creative, supportive, caring and safe environment. I also believe in creating a learning environment where students respect and co-operate with their peers and encourage and recognize their successes. The learning environment should be one that encourages students to be independent, empowered learners, and where they feel safe enough to take risks.

I believe that the learning environment should provide the support for all students allowing them to develop intellectually, aesthetically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In such an environment, students must be encouraged to be aware of their own cultural heritage, their personal identity, their community and their citizenship as this contributes significantly to a child¹s learning and personal development.

I believe that learning contexts need to be relevant, authentic and enterprising, incorporating networking, collaboration,
connectedness,relevant technologies and the 21st century skills of digital literacy,inventive thinking, effective communication and
high productivity.
In their learning, students must be engaged and experience raised levels of achievement and success. Teaching requires knowing the students that you teach, flexibility, the ability to embrace change, mentoring, care and compassion. It also requires passion.

The particular strengths I bring to the position are:
• A positive, self-motivated, enthusiastic approach and attitude.
• Commitment – I am and will be totally committed to my job. I am highly motivated, especially when pursuing my passions.
I enjoy taking on and meeting new challenges.
• Flexible, adaptable and able to think on my feet.
• Organization – I am able to work to a time frame and am able to organize timetables, people and events efficiently.
• A sense of humour.
• Diverse teaching experience ranging from New Entrant level to University lecturer.
• Sound academic credentials.
• Proven class teaching record - National Excellence in Teaching Award winner for Auckland region (NZ 2002), National Excellence in Teaching Nominee ( NZ 2007)
• Sound knowledge of and continuing development and awareness of all aspects of the New Zealand curriculum.
• Providing leadership to teachers and schools through professional involvement in ESOL programmes, International student Code of Practice, Pastoral care, Numeracy, Literacy and ESOL Ministry Targets, Ministry funding for NESB students, Thinking skills, Rich Tasks and Inquiry learning, Strategic planning for ICT and Assessment, Numeracy Project.
• Successful experience in budget management and resource planning.
• Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with people of all ages.
• A deep regard and respect of others from different ethnic backgrounds.
• High level of competency in working with students and their parents from other cultural groups.
• Ability to lead a group and/or participate and contribute as an effective team member.
• Respect of others. I believe that I have the respect and friendship of other staff members, and feel comfortable and confident working with my colleagues.
• I respect and value confidentiality.
• Desire and willingness to learn.
• Strong ability in building and developing positive relationships.
• Innovative and fully committed to continued professional development and keeping abreast with up to date educational issues and policies.

Employment History
February 2011 - presently
  • Matthew Flinders Anglican College
  • Year 7 - English and SOSE

April 2008 - December 2010
  • Townsville Grammar Junior School - Permanent position
  • Senior Teacher - Leadership
  • Senior Curriculum Team
  • Curriculum Leader – SOSE
  • Y4 Classroom teacher
  • Lead Teacher – ICT and e-Learning
  • Junior School Numeracy Task Force team member
  • Environmental School Wide Leadership
  • Gifted and Talented - Lead teacher for Opti Minds

January 2003 – April 2008
  • Bucklands Beach Intermediate School -Permanent position
  • Senior Teacher Year 7(3MU)
  • Curriculum Leader – Social Sciences
  • Lead Teacher – ICT and e-Learning
  • Director of International Students
  • Team & curriculum Leader – ESOL
  • Y7 Classroom teacher

February 2000 – December 2002
  • Clevedon School
Permanent Y1/2 Scale A

September 1999 – December 1999
  • Cockle Bay (. 5)

May 1997 – May 1999
  • Howick Preparatory School,
Kwa Zulu, Natal, South Africa
Permanent- Y1 Scale A

January 1996 – May 1997
  • Arts and Crafts Teacher-Private art school

May 1995 – December 1995
  • Noah’s Ark Early Childhood School
New Entrant/Grade 0 Teacher Scale A

May 1991 – May 1995
  • Self-employed - Public Relations and Functions co-ordinator
  • University

April 1989 – May 1991
  • Maternity leave – birth of twin sons

January 1988 – April 1989
  • Sharonlea Primary School - Permanent Teacher
  • Acting Team Leader
  • Senior Primary – Y7 and 8

February 1984 – December 1987
  • Johannesburg College of Education, SA
  • Lecturer – Speech and Drama
  • Acting Head – Student Counselling

January 1982 – June 1983
  • Randpark Primary School, SA-Permanent Teacher Y4/5
  • Senior Teacher

January 1980 – December 1981
  • Sandown Primary School, SA-Permanent Teacher- Scale A Y4/5

Professional Leadership

Townsville Grammar Junior School
• Senior Teacher - Curriculum Team
• Curriculum leader – Social Sciences
• ICT and Technology implementation for teaching and learning
• Numeracy Task Force
• School wide environmental sustainability
•Gifted and Talented students - Opti Minds
Bucklands Beach Intermediate
• Senior Teacher Y7 syndicate
• Curriculum leader – Social Sciences
• Assessment for learning and reporting to parents • Team leader – Action research in Teaching Pedagogy
• Director for International Students
• Pastoral care for International students
• Lead MOE testing and submissions to the Ministry
• ESOL Team leader
• Budgeting for ESOL, Social Sciences and Arts
• School- wide ESOL professional development
• Leadership for curriculum content in ESOL school wide
• ICT Strategic planning
• Developing awareness of cultural diversity school wide
  • Korean Fan Dancing
  • Camp Leader 2006,2007,2008
• Homestay Manager to monitor and implement the Code of Practice for International students.
• Literacy Leadership Program - The Intervention of Jolly Phonics throughout the Junior Syndicate
• Tracking of Maori students


Higher Diploma in Education (4 years)
Completed: 1979
*Distinction: Practical Teaching (25 weeks), English, History

Bachelor of Arts
Completed: December 1991
*Distinction: Education

Papers completed Education 1, 11
towards BA Ed English 1
General Biology
Psychology 1

Papers completed Education 1, 11
towards B Prim Ed Biology 1
English 1
Professional Studies A1, A11
Professional Studies B1, B11
Professional Studies C and D

Trinity College London (Edenz College – NZ)
Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Completed: June 2003
Distinction Final Grade for Certificate: A-

Certificate in ESOL Home Tutoring
National Association of ESOL Home Tutor
Schemes - South Auckland ESOL Home
Tutoring Service
Completed: September 2002

Master of Education(Tch) – University of Otago
Completed: December 2009
Critical Analysis of Teaching
Researching Personal Teaching Practice
ICT – Advanced Internet based Learning
Leadership for Learning
Thesis: Professional Development Portfolio - Solo Taxonomy

Personal Achievements
  • Presenter at Learning at Schools conference Rotorua – “e-Portfolios- "
  • Paper for ULearn 2008 conference - Christchurch accepted -" e-Portfolios - Bringing it together in a personal learning space."(Presented by colleague, Lenva Shearing, as unable to attend).

  • Presenter at Learning at Schools conference Rotorua – “Action research – Teaching practice for 21st century.”
  • Presenter – Tuanz conferences – Wellington, Palmeston North and Napier. – “Are you pulling the wool over your own eyes.”
  • Presenter – Navcon2K7 – Sydney Australia “ Web 2.0 – If we can do it, so can you!”
  • Nomination - National Excellence in Teaching Award - New Zealand

*Presenter at Learning at Schools conference - Rotorua
*Japan Exchange – Bucklands Beach Intermediate students

*Asia: NZ Foundation scholarship award winner to Malaysia

*Ministry of Education Facilitator for the implementation of the Code of Practice for International students
*Co- presenter at ESOL International – a Ministry initiative- speaking on the enrolment and monitoring of International students
*Member of the pilot team for the Ministry of education, working on the draft of the English Language Learning Framework document –– which is a document aimed at supporting teachers, teaching English as a second language

*National Excellence in Teaching Regional - Recipient – New Zealand - Placed in the top 10 primary teachers in New Zealand
*Scholarship to England - Awarded for contribution to Literacy Development in the Junior Syndicate at Clevedon School - New Zealand

*City Education Trust Award - Award of Excellence in Education, South Africa

Professional Development
International IWB Conference - Sydney
Certificate in CPR
QSite workshop- Townsville
Origo - Go Maths
Learning at Schools conference - Rotorua
Numeracy Project
Certificate in First Aid
Learning at Schools conference – Rotorua
Tuanz conference
International Conference for Principals
iSchools ICT conference – Waiheke Island
International student Professional development – Kohia Centre
Creating a Student led School Community – Unitec
ICT- Learning management system - KnowledgeNet and ePortfolios
Navcon 2K7 – Sydney, Australia
Code of Practice compliance – Ministry of Education
Learning at Schools conference - Rotorua
ICT strategic plan school scholarship -to Elm Park, Pakapuna Normal, Selwyn Ridge and *
International Students – Code of Practice Auckland Primary and Intermediate Schools meetings Ministry of Education
Thinking Skills with Georgette Jensen
Leadership and management seminar – facilitated by Alison Smith – Unitec 2005
Learning at Schools conference – Rotorua
Paul Nation Seminar on vocabulary development for second language learners
Navcon 2K5 – Melbourne, Australia
CPR and First Aid for the School Environment
ESOL International Professional Development – Provisions for International students and effective assessment for placement and tracking progress of International students.
Traumatic Incident Response Planning for schools – Professional development
asTTle as an assessment tool
ELIP resource seminar – to assist with the support and effective teaching of ESOL in the mainstream
Host school for ESOL Eastern Zones cluster meeting
Professional Development for English Language Assistants Co-ordinating Teacher Ministry of Education
Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – Trinity College – England
Understanding Korean Students Papakura Education Centre
(Numerous other one-day courses in a variety of curriculum areas)

Mr. Ian Fox
Retired Principal
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School (2008)
FoxEd Education Consultants

Mr. Noel Nethery
Head of Junior School
Townsville Grammar School
Phone: (07) 4725 3588 International +61 7 4725 3588
Fax: (07) 4725 3016 International +61 7 4725 3016

Mrs Diane Parkinson
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph. 5342896 ext 107

Mrs. Lenva Shearing
Deputy Principal
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School
Telephone: 0011 64 9 534 2896