Day One - 1st October 2014

Time 13.10-14.10

Dr Toni Noble
Using the Safe Schools Hub as a Tool for School Improvement
Co-Presenter: Dr Helen McGrath

Mr Daniel Pinchas
Shaping Teacher Quality in Australia: The Evaluation of the Implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
Co-Presenters: A/Prof. Janet Clinton, Dr Pauline Ho & Edmund Misson

Ms Christine Cawsey
Classroom observation - what do student behaviours tell us about teaching and learning?
Co-Presenter: Peter Langfield

Mrs Clare Major
Teachers as Architects - learner centred approach to differentiation

Dr Andrew Bills
Negotiating and Sustaining Second Chance Schooling in Neoliberal Times
Co-Presenter: Warren Symonds

Mrs Katrina Bonetti
Unlocking Teacher Judgements
Co-Presenter: Dr Sandy Heldsinger

Ms Leigh Harrod
Collegial Coaching teacher to teacher

Ms Chris Daicos
PERMA to Ignite Your Passion and Purpose
Co-Presenter: Bert Van Halen

Mrs Sue Presler
Building a Feedback Culture in Tasmanian Government Schools

Mrs Carol Marshman
Developing A Teacher Professional Learning Action Plan - Teacher Education and Educational Leadership

Time 14.15-14.45

Mrs Juliette Hayes
Growing Strong Leadership Partners

Prof. Bridie Raban
Directions that could lead us astray: Brain development and early childhood development ~

Mr Jeremy Beard
Engaging the Organisation in your Strategic Plan

Dr Emma Burgess
Leading Quality Teaching
Co-Presenter: Prof. John Williamson

Mr Warren Symonds
Schools as Activating Hubs in the Community

Mr Max Grarock
Technology to support teacher coaching

Dr Majda Aljaroudi
Assessment needs of University Leaders to implement the Transformational Leadership methods

Mrs Karen Bennetts
The Montessori Leader: an emerging model for comprehensive human development

Ms Annalies van Westenbrugge
The teacher and the tax advisor - how an unlikely learning connection re-shaped professional practice
Co-Presenter: Lisa Greig

Mrs Robyn Menkes
Coming Together Across the Net – into The DEN
Co-Presenter: Phil Hogg

Time 14.50-15.20

Dr Leoni Degenhardt
Leadership as Purposeful Partnership

Mrs Janis Powley
Collaborating to create a personalised learning scenario for students & teachers
Co-Presenter: Sandra Jenkins

Dr Tim Kitchen
Driving the importance of creativity and professional learning to lead change in education

Ms Penelope Watson
Using Peer Assisted Learning to Develop Resilient, Resourceful and Sustainable Learners

Dr Sue Simon
School Leaders’ Stories of Practice regarding systemic and school-wide adoption of a pedagogical framework

Mr Damien Barry
Teacher Performance and Development – Barriers and Recommendations

A/Prof. Karen Trimmer
Reinventing another Unaipon: Indigenous Science leaders for the future.
Co-Presenter: Graeme Gower

Mrs Darralyn Cusack
Continuous Reporting – the Carey Experience
Co-Presenter: Leanne Guillon

Dr Kate Bertram
Increasing teacher effectiveness by redesigning staff workspaces

Dr Sozan Omar
Chemistry teachers view of critical thinking skills and their role in developing it

Day Two - 2nd October 2014

Time 11.10-12.10

Dr Janelle Wills
High Reliability Schools: The next step in school reform

Mr Ed Roper
A site specific implementation of the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching
Co-Presenter: Sue Presler

Mrs Louise Gilbert
The Heart and Soul of Education

Mr Robert Marshall
Effective School Improvement: One School’s Story
Co-Presenter: Andrea Sherwood

Tracey Ezard
Igniting the Passion and Purpose of Staff - Gaining Forward Momentum and Staff Engagement using Collaborative Visual Tools and Processes

Mrs Elizabeth Lonergan
Putting the learner at the centre of Teacher Professional Learning

Mr Alexander Young
Improving student outcomes through the use of automated pre-test/post-test analysis

Ms Virginia Bruce
The SEAT Program
Co-Presenter: Justine Lind

Dr Esme Capp
‘Collective Inquiry’ Research Projects Approach
Co-Presenter: Kerry Gibson

Time 12.15-13.15

Prof. David Giles
Using appreciative inquiry to amplify student voice within strategic planning at the Aust. Science and Maths School (ASMS).
Co-Presenter: Dr Andrew Bills

Dr Ray Bloxham
An open conversation about our profession
Co-Presenter: Dr Deb Kember

Dr Faye Lambert
The Leader as Creator and Custodian of the School’s Emotional Space ~

Mrs Lauren Sayer
How do we address/contest/maintain arts education in diverse contexts?
Co-Presenter: Antoinette Domoney

Mrs Wendy Cave
Picking up Passions: Leading the Macquarie Primary Teacher Inquiry Program
Co-Presenters: Brendan Briggs & Marc Warwick

Mrs Kerry Mitchell
Appraisal: Valuing difference; fostering self-responsibility
Co-Presenters: Roween Higgie & Kay Hawk

Dr Rita Ellul
Developing first time principals: A look at the Professional Support for New Principals Program
Co-Presenters: Lisa Black, Kirrily George & Stuart Edwards

Mrs Carol Townley
Teaming, Learning and Actual Change in Classroom Practice
Co-Presenter: Simon Townley

Ms Deborah Netolicky
Creating a model for teacher growth and a community of reflective, passionate learners: One school’s journey
Co-Presenters: Janelle McGann & Wendy Candy

Time 13.55-14.25

Dr John De Nobile
Examining middle leadership in schools using a multi-role framework

Dr David Zyngier
Class size and academic results: What works especially for children from cultural linguistic and economically disenfranchised communities

Mrs Tonia Flanagan
You Are the System ~

Ms Alice Tjahaja Chia
A Teaching and Learning Framework Guide for School Leadership Team Discussions
Co-Presenter: Lena Yeo ~

Dr Norman McCulla
Developing The Leading Learner: How do principals learn- and how might they best be supported in developing their learning to lead with passion and purpose?
Co-Presenter: Jennifer Davies

Mrs Deborah Buscall
The Role of the Subject Coordinator in School Improvement in Secondary Schools

Mrs Sharon Portlock
Forming an inclusive learning community through Inquiry
Co-Presenter: Emma McAulay

Mr Peter Niass
Practical Implementation Of Extended Retrieval Practice for Blended Learning

Mr Troy Roberts
Inspired Today – Prepared for Tomorrow – A school’s journey in defining its purpose
Co-Presenter: Mario Bergamin

Time 14.30-15.00

Dr David Gurr
Educational leadership and branding
Co-Presenter: Dr Lawrie Drysdale

Dr Deidre Le Fevre
Supporting educators in navigating the challenges of change ~

Mrs Marcela Huerta-Villalobos
The role of the critical friend in leadership and school improvement

Ms Sue Richards
IB: Leading in a Global Context
Co-Presenter: Dr Gerard Calnin

Ms Karina Clarke
How Design Thinking and Creative Collaboration inform the evolution of current education norms and in the process deliver a generation of changemakers
Co-Presenter: Virginia Bruce ~

Mr Peter Freney
Leaders of Learning: Where’s your focus?

Mrs Belinda Holmes
Leading Learning for Sustainable change: A Leading Learner’s Experience

Mr Stephen Monk
Deprivatising the Classroom
Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Gaber

Ms Jacqueline Haines
Creating projects to enhance student engagement
Co-Presenter: Regina Thompson

Time 15.05-15.35

Dr Venesser Fernandes
Using Total Quality Management Frameworks to Measure School Improvement Processes within Australian Primary Schools

A/Prof. Carolyn Palmer
Shaping a strength-Based approach to Leadership: Investigating the literature

Mr Sebastien Berlioz
How can heads of schools and others in leadership positions be more effective leaders?
Co-Presenter: Malcolm Lamb

Mr Aaron Cain Wolaniuk
Principals building teachers’ perceptions of trust for professional autonomy

Dr Richard Courtice
Mentoring, Action Research and School-based Curriculum Development: Navigating a path to collaborative teaching

Mr Wayne Brown
Setting our own Performance Agenda: using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers for Improving not Proving
Co-Presenter: Di Henning

Miss Alison Venter
Huh? Motivating your students to become word inquirers

Ms Wilma Culton
Building a High Performance Culture: Leadership Keys to Energised and Successful Learning

Dr Bruce Addison
A Philosophy of Learning: Mindset, Disposition and Immersion

Day Three - 3rd October 2014

Time 11.20-12.20

Dr Michael Thomas Walker
The Neuroscience of Decision-Making: From Heuristics to Matrices

Mr Danny Hyndman
Whole School Focus on Raising Literacy Achievement

Ms Ann McIntyre
Professional Standards ... the ambition, the actual and the possible

Mr Ken Avenell
Validating Viviane

Ms Julie Hyde
Growing Leadership Potential
Co-Presenter: Keren Caple

Mr Grant O’Sullivan
Really…What is Instructional Leadership in the 21st Century?

Mr Michael Victory
Shifting school culture through emotional literacy: A Four Rooms approach

Ms Helene Hiotis
It’s about Learning to Dance in the Rain: Developing Growth Mindset at Canterbury